October 03, 2007

You are now a criminal

By reading this post you are a criminal. You are now liable to be sent to prison for 5 years. It is up to you to prove that you are innocent.

The reason that you are now a criminal? Here it is:


Part 3 of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act came in over the weekend. So long as that is on your computer you are caught in the RIP trap and is up to you to prove your innocence. RIP gives wiretapping power to just about everybody form the police, to the local council, it was even propoesd to give your postman these powers in one of the ammending acts to RIPA. If you are having your communications are being intercepted and you know about it you are not allowed to tell anybody. If you know that somebody else's communications are being intercepted you are not allowed to tell anybody.

RIP hasn't been the only time that Labour have reversed the burden of proof, but I believe that it was the first. The arguments happenned all the way back in 1999 after only two years in office before 7/7 and before 9/11 while the IRA was on ceasefire. It disproves the myth that Labour are not really out to destroy civil liberties but have been forced into these tough measures because of Islamic terrorism. Labour set their course almost as soon as they took office long before the Islamic threat reached public conciousness.

Perhaps you think that you can get away with it by shutting the browser and clearing the cache. Not so fast, by clearing the cache removes the references that your opperating system using to find the data on your hard disk, but it does not remove the data. It is still there and still recoverable so you are still a criminal. The only way to get rid of it is to overwrite that area of the disk enough times to make it unrecoverable, and then hope that the virtual memory system that you operating system will be using hasn't stashed it elsewhere as well, so you had better secure erase all the 'empty' space on your hard drive if you want to be sure of really having got rid of it. On a Macintosh this can be done with the Disk Utility application that comes with the operating system.

The message was encrypted with AES in Cypher Block Chaining mode and then encoded into Base 64 using the standard Python base64 library to comply with web standards. You know the key. But if you don't, prove it.


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